The Vibration Power Plate exposes the entire body to vibration. Whole body vibration is implemented through the use of a vibrating platform on which static poses are held or dynamic exercises can be performed. The vibrations generated by motors underneath the platform are transmitted to the person on the machine. Vibration training was initially used in the fitness industry but has now expanded to physical therapy, rehabilitation, and professional sports. Vibration training is also used for beauty and wellness applications. At Sensitive Touch, we utilize the Vibration Power Plate as part of our SmoothShapes body slimming treatments.

Key benefits of the Vibration Power Plate:

  • Improves flexibility and strength
  • Develops muscles
  • Enhances coordination
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Improves circulation of blood
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces training time without losing any of the benefits
  • Reduces the likelihood of osteoporosis from by encouraging the buildup of mineral density in the bones