R20 is the newest cutting edge method for laser tattoo removal treatments. First published in 2011, the R20 method entails up to 4 laser treatments spaced every 20 minutes in a single session. The R20 method cuts the number of treatments into a fraction of what standard laser tattoo removal procedures have required. This method also minimizes side effects.

A single session of R20 with multiple treatments in a single visit allows the laser to reach deeper than traditional single-pass treatments resulting in more fading than expected from 3 to 4 conventional treatments.

As the laser tattoo removal treatments create bubbles in the skin that look like fine white powder or frosting that prevents the laser beam from penetrating the skin, it is necessary to wait 20 minutes before performing another treatment. After 20 minutes the white bubbles disappear making the next treatment possible. This new method has been proven safe and effective without additional discomfort.