Advances in laser scar removal technology deliver stunning results, dramatically reducing the appearance of face and body scars.

Your unwanted scar is the body’s way of healing as lost or damaged skin is replaced. The severity of the scar tissue depends on depth of injury, age, genetics and ethnicity. Your scar can appear flat or raised. Laser scar removal can reduce the appearance of keloid scars (raised, reddish-purple), hypertrophic scars (raised, pink) and atrophic scars (depressed, pin-like).

The non-invasive application of collagen boosting power of our Affirm laser will produce gradual improvement in the appearance of your scar diminishing it by 50% to 80%. The scar removal process takes on average 3 to 8 sessions and does not require any downtime allowing you to maintain your regular schedule.

Our clients named the Affirm Laser a “magic eraser” while noticing a difference in the appearance of their scars after just one session. This is the number one treatment for anyone with post acne scarring and stretch marks. Beloved by young adults and new moms alike, the laser doesn’t just heal the skin but does wonders for the self-esteem too. Since most scars can be treated and there is only a minimal chance of side effects, laser scar removal is a skin and life changer, experienced by all looking for a fresh start. Look and feel confident in your skin, schedule a free consultation at our Manhattan spa with our NYC laser scar removal professionals today!


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Laser Scar Removal | New York | Manhattan | NYC
Laser Scar Removal | New York | Manhattan | NYC